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2024澳洲幸运5官方体彩开奖号码、记录号码查询|澳洲5开奖直播官网结果 What is the Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve?

Invented in 1976 Japan and shipped to millions of satisfied customers all over the world, the Fumoto Valve continues to offer individuals, companies, mechanics and technicians, an easy tool that saves valuable time and resources for routine oil changes. By simply replacing the stock oil drain plug with the Fumoto Valve, vehicle owners can make one of the messiest tasks, into one of the cleanest.
From camping trips to work commutes, you depend on your vehicle. Depend on Fumoto for effortless, mess-free oil changes.
FOR Heavy Duty Trucks
Whether you are a truck owner or fleet manager, you can’t let oil changes block your work-flow. Improve your engine maintenance efficiency and maximize your drive time with Fumoto.
construction, agricultural and logging equipment
Keep your oil changes simple, so you can get your equipment out of the shop and maximize your uptime. Fumoto makes it possible to drain your oil without spilling, keeping your site clean and your company green.v
2024澳洲幸运5、官网开奖直播结果|澳洲5官方体彩开奖历史记录、记录号码查询 FOR GENERATORS
Make changing oil effortless with Fumoto and get your generators back up and running in no time.
Save time. Ride More. Change your oil quickly before you take off on a road trip.
OEM & Custom
Need custom valves? Contact our development team to get started today.
Get Fumoto's original T-shirts, caps, rags, rags, stickers, and more.
May 13, 2023
Woodland Valve Giveaway
Fumoto partnered with Calrecycle and the town of Woodland to donate valves to local residents. more
Fumoto News
Visit our Fumoto news section about our product updates, upcoming events, and valuable tips for oil changes.